Midnight Margaritas!

Since I was pregnant with my first child on my 21st birthday, I didn't get to have a proper "coming of age" ritual of getting shit-faced on the big day. And after he was born, I didn't do a LOT of drinking, at least not on a regular basis. Then seven years later, the Hobbit came along. Again, I wasn't much of a drinker. I didn't feel comfortable compromising my judgement and fine motor skills while a young child was in my sole care.

BUT NOW...son #1 is 15 and son #2 is 8. Both are perfectly capable of wiping their own tooshies now and dial 911 if needed. So I choose to indulge!

In fact, the kids enjoy "Tequila Night" they think I'm funny. Now, keep in mind, I never drink too much and I ALWAYS drink at home. I am the embodiment of "Enjoy Responsibly" so don't judge.

My goal is to try every brand of tequila that I can find in the under $100 price range. So far, I'm about 50 labels in and Milagro Reposado is still the top! No, not 50 at once. This is an ongoing quest that began last summer. I'm not a lush!

I'll have to do a tad bit of research to see if I can't come up with a list of all the brands I've tried so far. Also...always taking recommendations and FREE SAMPLES are always a good thing!!!

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