Spring Cleaning

Last summer when I moved out of a 3 bedroom townhouse apartment into a friends basement, I purged clutter. A LOT of clutter. It was refreshing. Not everyone gets rid of "stuff" so easily. Now I find that it may be time to start that process once more. We are now in a 2 bedroom duplex apartment, which I love, but is kinda small. So I'm thinking since I have an abundance of time now, that I didn't have last summer, I might just attempt a yard sale. I dread it, but it might not be too bad. We'll see.


Well....so far, so good...

It seems the past 2 months have blown by so quickly. The move was exhausting of course, always is. But now life has settled into a peaceful calm. The Hobbit is settling into the new routine. And FINALLY...SPRING IS HERE!!!

I love this time of year. It inspires me to create. Recently I learned to make sushi. Granted, it's not too fancy and there is nothing TOO exotic inside, but it was a fun learning experience. Next I want to learn to make noodles.

I got some gardening done this morning. The lettuces are sprouting VERY fast. They were outgrowing the starter tray. Next ones to transplant, will be the peas. Then the herbs. If I don't see sprouts on the tomatoes soon, I'm just gonna go buy plants. But for now, I'm being patient and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Make My Sushi | Sushi Fan | Great video "How To"