Allow me a moment to vent...

I quit smoking over a year ago and I was only able to do so by using the nicotine patch. Before I moved in with the BF, I told him he'd have to quit smoking. I realized later that I should not have put that condition out there since he chose to lie about quitting rather than tell me he wasn't able to do it cold turkey. I'd rather live with a smoker than a liar.

So last week he tried to convince me that smoking was cheaper than buying the patch. WRONG!!! Let's do a little simple math, shall we? 

1 pack of Camel Wides @ $5.00
x 14 packs smoked per week = $70

2 week supply of NicoDerm patches = $35

REALLY?!?!?! Smoking is CHEAPER?!?!?!?
Looks to me like it's FOUR TIMES MORE!!!

So after pointing this out, he didn't bring it up again. Everytime I say there's something I'd like to do, but we can't afford it, he says "as soon as I quit smoking..." Am I stupid to think this is EVER going to happen? 

I was a pack a day smoker for 20 years and quit with 3 weeks of the patch. I would NEVER assume that it could be that easy for anyone else, but once you realize that you can't quit cold turkey, then for crying out loud...TRY SOMETHING ELSE!!!


  1. It's hard. I tried a lot of times. The only thing that actually worked for me was finding out I was pregnant with my oldest. I was able to decide that it was no longer my choice to smoke.

  2. I agree! It's VERY hard to quit. And yes, pregnancy is a huge decision maker for women. But I lose sympathy for someone who refuses to try other methods out of pure pigheadedness. Just because his dad was able to quit cold turkey, does NOT mean HE can too. And a stroke at 35 SHOULD be as huge a decision maker as pregnancy is, if not more so.