The Art of PowerPrep...FAIL!

Today will be a marathon cleaning and cooking! I have a lovely menu planned for Saturday night dinner with my darling visitors and I am so excited to have them. But I knew that if I cleaned too early in the week, I'd just be redoing it all today anyway. SO, today, I will be baking pita bread, pre-cooking beans, scrubbing floors, de-soap scumming the shower, and making sure all the lego blocks have been wrangled and returned to the kiddo room. 

I have my lists made, cleaning supplies are stocked and waiting, the coffee is brewing, and not a lick of energy to do any of it! I guess it really doesn't matter how well prepared I am if I didn't get any sleep last night. 

Ah well, I'll sleep on Monday! :D Off to caffeinate and start the bread!

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