How to get an 8yo boy to tolerate Fairies...

Saturday was Doodles first time at the TN Renaissance Faire. 

He was all excited about being a "wizard" which to him, meant wearing his brothers Obi Wan robe (Ep1) and all black. Yeah, I know! Who knew wizards were emo?

So we get there early and it's all he can do to endure the wait for the gates to open. Then the actors appear for the gate show and he jumps right into it. I was sure he would just start making up dialog to contribute. Once inside, he couldn't wait to see every booth and play the games. He tried archery and with a little help from mom, he was able to at least hit the hay bale. And it was so much fun to see him impressed that Mom actually KNEW what she was doing. He even clapped for me. 

Every time we came across one of the Fae, he ducked behind me trying to avoid them. The Blue Fairy cooed at him and he blushed. This continued all day. "Mom, why they are talking funny?" "They are speaking the language of the Fae." "Ok, if you say so."

He declined getting his picture taken WITH the Queen, but I did get him to stand about 10ft in front of her and get one. Later, he waited in line for 30 minutes to have her "knight" him. When she asked his name, he spelled it out for her just as he does for everyone he meets. So of course, that was how she knighted him. :) Sometime after that, we passed her on the path and he gave a low scooping bow. I LOVE MY KID! He really got into character. 

The knife throwing show was, I think, his favorite. But mostly because we sat up front and he traded banter with the performers for quite some time before the show began. He felt like he was part of the show. He loved it!
And he DID get to perform on stage himself. We passed by a storyteller just as she was asking for a "prince" and "princess" to help tell a story. He gladly joined in. The storyteller was delighted with him. At the end of the day as we were leaving, she even thanked him for his excellent performance as the prince. 

As the day came to a close, and the crowds thinned, we came across a swarm of fairies and finally he agreed to let me snap a picture. Do you see that blush in his cheek? That was NOT from the sun. :D He had found himself so endeared to the whole fantasy, that by now, the fairies were all part and partial to the day. And he finally allowed a photo. 


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