Crawling out of my cave for a moment

I've been neglecting this blog lately mainly because I seem to be at a place in life where everything I do or say is upsetting someone. I'm not comfortable with that, but I have always been pretty straight-forward and usually say what's on my mind. But I find that more and more often, I'm not saying anything at all, just to keep the peace. Unfortunately, this results in bottled up anger turning into hate. I'm not happy with that option either. 


Ahhhhh...home again!

The Hobbit and I rented a car and drove home for a week. We visited some of our dear friends. There was a picnic and some fossil bed rock climbing.
We returned to TN yesterday morning with a "RockStar" in tow. That would be my 15yo son who chose to stay in IN when we moved. He's here for the summer and I could not be happier. He's amusing and a great kid. I just hope he and Hobbit don't kill each other all summer long.