Left behind

I don't recall how exactly, but this morning I got hooked on a blog photo-documenting various haikyo. Haikyo (廃虚) is a word that means "ruins" in Japanese.  

Some of the photos were of a school house that still had books on desks and it looked as if the kids would come bustling in at any moment. I have no explanation for why ruins fascinate me, but they do. Perhaps it's the moment, frozen in time, when someone decided to just walk away and never look back.

This got me thinking, what places, in our own lives have we abandoned and never gave a second thought. Perhaps not physical places, but emotional ones or even intellectual ones. Did you ever jot down an idea with the intent of coming back to explore it more later, only to find the note years later tucked into a book with no recollection of what inspired the thought? 

As long as I can remember, I've loved notebooks and use them all the time. Often, they are misplaced, victims of spills or commandeered by the boy (whose nickname is Doodle for a reason). When I do run across an especially old notebook, I can't help but flip thru it and see what ideas I may have thought were worthy of writing down. You never know, I may have once had a stroke of brilliance that could change the world...but probably not! :)

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