Good luck catching me!

As a stay-at-home mom, you might think I have loads of time on my hands. You would be WRONG! Ok, well I do have plenty of time, but it seems that now that the fall Scouting season has begun, I have less and less of it. 

This upcoming weekend my son will attend Webelos Outdoor Challenge and learn a lot of great new skills from some dedicated Boy Scouts. And I will spend 2 days sitting under a tree reading to my hearts content, letting Boy Scouts cook for me, and enjoying the wonderful deep sleep I get when I camp.

Weekend after that is a brief, but long-awaited trip home to see the Teen and my momma who is recovering from knee replacement surgery.

And then, the next weekend is Cub & Family Campout! This one won't be as lazy a camp out for me since I'm a leader, I'll be...well...LEADING! I suppose I need to get some activities planned and such. (The photo is from Jamboree last year. No matter where he may be, there's never a pen and paper far from his grasp) 

So that's three consecutive weekends that I will not get to sleep in my own bed and I will be living out of a backpack. 

Well those are just WEEKENDS, right?!?!!? Ha! Who do you think is going to do laundry and pack for those weekends??? Hmmmm??? Oh yeah, that would be ME! 

In between all this camping and packing and laundry and packing and camping and driving and camping and laundry and packing...I have some projects to work on, both paid and volunteer. Even if it was necessary for me to go back to work, I don't know when I'd find the time to do it! I'm so glad I can be a stay at home mom for now. 

(I need a housekeeper!)


  1. Lisa and I have A.P.B.s out for our laundry fairies. If I see your's I'll encourage her to wander home.

  2. Please do! She has been on vacation long enough now. It's time for her to get back to work even if it is for the meager wage of the change found in the washer!

  3. When my Laundry Fairy says "vacation", what she really means is "rehab" or "jail".

  4. Awww MAN!!! Knowing MY Laundry Fairy, "vacation" means an extended stay in the local mental health institute! lol


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