Conflict, Social Media, and Decluttering

One of the benefits of today's social media, is that it allows us to reconnect with people from our past. But what to do when you have reunited with someone and you discover that they are no longer someone you want to know? Do you "de-friend" them with no explanation? Or perhaps write them a long, heartfelt email explaining why they do not fit into your life? Maybe just ignore them and hope that, on their own, they will lose interest in being friends with you. 
And what if that person becomes a source of conflict? We all know the saying "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks." Social media is the perfect format for everyone to publicly share those opinions and last I checked, they still have the right to do that. So if I say what I think, and you don't agree, somehow in your mind, that makes ME a bad person. 
This isn't about being right or being wrong. It's about peacefully coexisting with others who do not share the same world view that you have, but at the same time allowing others to HAVE their own opinion without judgement. 

But if you have repeatedly heard someone complain about something without offering any suggestions for improvement, and you have a solution for them, do you tell them to "put on their big girl panties" and DO something about it, or do you just let them continue spreading the negative energy and not only infecting your life, but also the lives of others? And if 20 people are complaining about the same thing, yet no one is doing anything about it, how can one not get frustrated? 
Perhaps my approach to my own situation, wasn't the best I could have presented. But anyone who knows me, knows that I speak my mind, generally without that "filter" we all know we should use. So my current dilemma is this; let this conflict blow over or sever the ties now. Do I really want to remain "social media friends" with someone who doesn't really "fit" into my life? Or do I simply "hide" them from my view and let them think they are important enough to me to keep around? 
I've been working on removing clutter, both physical and emotional, from my life. Well, it's impossible to remove it ALL, but I'm working to make a significant reduction. And yes, people can be "clutter". If they are someone who is not a positive part of your life. If they have nothing to contribute to making you a better person. If they bring you down or make you feel less than you know you are. YES! People can most definitely be clutter!

Man alone is born crying, lives complaining, and dies disappointed. ~ Samuel Johnson 

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