DIY: Storage Cube Box

Some time ago, I got it into my head that I would start selling stuff on eBay and Etsy. So I ordered a bunch of Large Flat Rate shipping boxes from the post office. They were free, so why not. Then I remembered that I am too lazy to sell anything on eBay or Etsy! So now I have three cases of boxes that I really needed to find something to do with. The large boxes are 12x12x5.5 and not really large enough on their own to make good storage cubes...BUT, when you fit two together, they are perfect! So I decided to share my fabulous (and easy) storage solution with you. (Don't you feel special?)

What you'll need:
2 Large Flat Rate Boxes (use ones you already have if at all possible)
24in+ width Contact Paper or Adhesive Gift Wrap (I got mine on clearance at a Hallmark store years ago) 
If you don't have either of these, regular gift wrap and some spray adhesive will work beautifully, just make sure you are in a well ventilated area.
Clear Packing Tape
A large flat surface like a kitchen table
A steady hand and a little bit of patience

1. Expand the boxes. No brainer so far, huh?

2. Fit the boxes together with flaps alternating/interlocking. 

3. Close one end. Doesn't matter which. Tape across the seam. 

(Tip: with contact paper or the adhesive gift wrap, I find it easier to stick the starting end to the table and unwrap a large section to start with. Then unstick and flip it sticky side up. 
4. Place the box onto the paper with the open end flush with the edge. If you're using adhesive paper, reach inside the box and smooth the box against the paper to get a good stick to it. 

5. Flip the box to the next side and roll the box up in the paper. 

6. Once you've gotten all sides covered, trim off the roll. 
7. Smooth all the sides starting with the first side that was covered. The great thing about this adhesive wrap is that it has a medium tack, so you can lift and reposition to remove wrinkles if needed. 
8. Flip the box onto the open end and start folding excess in, one side at a time. Just like when you wrap a gift. 

9. Once all the flaps are folded in, stick those puppies down with some packing tape, This is the bottom of the box, so unless you're OCD about perfection, don't sweat a few wrinkles here. 
10. Flip the box right side up and cut slits in the paper between each flap. I suppose you COULD leave them a solid piece, but you'll get super frustrated on the next step if you do. 

11. Reach into the box and fold down the two flaps that are in there. These are going to help "lock in" the other flaps. Holding down the wrapped flaps, raise those unwrapped ones back up. 

12. Fold in the remaining covered flaps that are going the OPPOSITE direction of the inside flaps. 

13. Very carefully, (this is where the patience comes in) raise the inside (uncovered) flaps. They will try to "grab" the paper so take your time and hold down the covered flaps. 

14. Fold down the other covered flaps. All done!

I'm planning to use my Sillouette Digital Cutter to make some vinyl lettering to label these boxes, just haven't yet decided exactlly WHAT purpose these adorable storage cubes will serve!  

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