The biggest challenge of all...

Sticking out your tongue always helps
This past weekend of camping was a lot of fun, chilly, but fun. The night time temps dropped below 40 and the daytime breeze was on the icy side. 
Our District Council hosts an event called "Webelos Outdoor Challenge" at which boys who are Webelos ranked Cub Scouts get to join a Boy Scout Troop for the weekend and see how things are different between Cub and Boy Scout programs. They also are taught a few skills and then compete against other troops. 

My scouts troop learned basic first aid and how to construct a primitive shelter with a tarp and ropes. They all did an excellent job and worked hard. The troop also came up with a skit and performed it at the campfire on Saturday night. They didn't come in first place, but then again, they didn't come in last either. 

We went around and visited all of the troops who were there so that the Webelos could get a feel for what the troops do and what their focus is. It's a good thing we have two years to make a choice, because there are a LOT of really great troops in our district.

So what, you may ask, was the "biggest challenge"...keeping that shirt clean!!! Whose brilliant idea was it to put 100 boys in WHITE for a camping weekend!!!

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