12 Things

If you had to reduce your personal items to just 12 Things, what would they be? Not the essentials, like kids, spouse, clothes, toothbrush, air, etc, but the "STUFF"...possessions that you COULD live without, but really wouldn't want to.

Mine (in no particular order):
  1) My Nikon D40 (although I would let it go for an upgrade without a second thought)
  2) Laptop (ditto on the upgrade)
  3) Henry the stuffed puppy I've had since I was 3
  4) Blue ceramic snail made by Doodle
  5) Family photos
  6) Wooden wind chimes that my sister bought for me when I visited her in California 
  7) The wedding quilt my grandma made for me
  8) Ceramic road runner mom made
  9) Ceramic sculpture called "The Hug" that mom made
10) the copy of The Portable Beat Reader I've had since high school
11) My blue leather Fossil purse
12) My hot pink "chucks"


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